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Creating a Medicine Research Paper for 5th Graders

Writing a research paper is a new type of assignment for most 5th graders, so some students may feel overwhelmed by it. There is, however, nothing difficult in dealing with such type of an assignment – including on medical issues – if you know the exact steps to follow.

Steps You Should Take When Writing a Medicine Research Paper

  • Develop your topic.
    Medicine may seem vague to you, but there are always points in any field that feel closer. Don’t want to write about diseases and methods of their treatment? Then compose a paper about healthy foods, the benefits of exercising, bad habits, etc. Just do a little brainstorming and find something that is more familiar to you. Consult your teacher if the topic you have thought up seems a bit strange to you.
  • Create a research question.
    Your study is supposed to provide the answers to some question, so be sure to formulate it to give the direction to your thoughts. The question may sound like this: “Why is it important to eat healthy when building up muscles?” It stems from your topic directly.
  • Find the information.
    Your library should be the first place to visit when in search for reliable sources of information. Ask the librarian to provide you with the most relevant materials on medicine as well as samples of other students’ works. You may also search the Internet, but keep in mind that you will have to cite the sources you have used in your paper, and therefore cannot use unsigned online articles or encyclopedias.
  • Make a short outline.
    You will not have to show the outline of your paper to your teacher, but it’s highly recommended that you compose it before setting about writing. Just write down the main idea of your work and list all the arguments that are going to prove it.
  • Write the paper.
    Start writing keeping the outline before your eyes. You may start with any part of the paper – an introduction, a body, or a conclusion. The key point here is to start, as once you have started, your writing will take you in the right direction. Cite your resources when writing as it will be much more difficult to fish the quotes out of your paper after you have it completed.

What to Do After Completing Your Study

Take a break and carefully read through your paper. There should not be spelling or grammatical mistakes in it. The information should be set out consistently so you may also have to revise or rewrite some places. Take your time to do it as your grade will depend on the quality of writing to a large extent.

Composing a paper on medicine is not different to any other type of research paper in that you have to format it properly and present information in a clear and organized style.