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Looking For A Free Research Paper On Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most widespread kind of cancer among women. It accounts for more than 16 percent of all female cancers! This gloomy statistic makes breast cancer an actual topic for a research paper. If you are assigned to writing it, it’s recommended that you look through a couple of excellent examples of such works first.

Where You Can Find a Research Paper on Breast Cancer

There is no much point in paying for a paper sample, so here is where you can find them for free:

  • Ask your teacher for help.
  • Your teacher must have dealt with papers on medical topics so you should ask him or her to provide you with them in the first place. You will get qualitative examples written along all the rules of your school at that.

  • Visit libraries.
  • Libraries contain hundreds of research papers so don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on them there. Your school library should be the first place to visit as it’s right at hand. However, if you don’t find what you want there, go to specialized medical libraries. Many libraries have online storages now, so you can search through them as well.

  • Search online educational forums.
  • Other students may have already written papers on breast cancer, so search educational forums for relevant threads. You may also create your own thread and wait until someone shares a helpful link with you.

  • Academic databases.
  • These contain many paper samples on various topics. The quality of studies ranges from outstanding to poor, so learn to discern an outright fake. Many free samples were created just by copy-pasting information from online encyclopedias or digital versions of books.

  • Make use of social networks.
  • Narrow down your search queries on social networks and get acquainted with medical students. They might send you examples of their writings for free.

What You Should Know When Downloading a Research Paper

Even if you manage to find a paper with the title similar to yours, there is no way you can use it beyond getting a glimpse of other people’s ideas. Plagiarism has become a serious issue since the Internet started spreading and your teacher will be able to discern if your study is original or not.

Downloading a paper sample on breast cancer, pay attention to its completeness. The study should contain information on the causes of the disease, prevention and treatment methods, etc. Information about diagnostics and symptoms should also be present.

The last page of the study is a reference list. Make sure that your example contains such a list with all the sources of information properly cited. Sources should include reliable studies performed by professional oncologists rather than the Internet articles written by anonymous writers.