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Research Paper on Autism: Thesis Statement Tips

Autism is a brain disorder that causes difficulties in social interaction as well as verbal and nonverbal communication. You will have to discuss many facets of the autism issue in your research paper, but firstly you should come up with a strong thesis statement.

Questions and Answers on Writing an Autism Thesis Statement

  • What is a thesis statement?
    It’s actually the main idea or message of your paper encapsulated in one or two sentences. Don’t go beyond two sentences to preserve the coherence of your thought.
  • Where should it be?
    It should be in the introduction of your paper or in the second paragraph in case your study is longer than average.
  • How specific should it be?
    It should be as specific and explicit as possible so that your reader has no doubts from the very beginning as to what position you are going to advocate. Avoid vague words like “interesting”, “positive”, or “exciting” in your statement as they tell your reader almost nothing.
  • Should there be something personal in it?
    The purpose of your research paper is not just to state facts but also to demonstrate your stance as an author, so be sure to include a comment about your position in the thesis statement. “Governments should do more to solve the problem of childhood autism” for example is a proper formulation as it not only recognizes the problem of autism but also demonstrates what you think of this problem.
  • Should it be original?
    It should, as there is no way you can draw the attention of your reader with a formula statement. Besides, a narrow and original statement means less chance of its being used by someone before.
  • Can I revise it?
    You can and should revise your statement as many times as needed while writing your study so that it best reflects your ideas.

Examples of Statements

Making up a good research paper on autism thesis statement may be difficult if you don’t have examples of such statements. Here are a couple of good examples on how to do my research paper:

  • It’s not enough just to treat autism. Complete support of family, friends, and educators can also play a great role.
  • Theories claiming that environmental factors can cause autism are just theories. None of them is proved.
  • Vaccination against autism is a must, as parents who don’t recognize the problem may only aggravate it.
  • Autism leads to family distress, so family members should also receive treatment.
  • The activities of parent organizations have helped to improve the social life of students suffering from autism.

Making up the main statement of your paper, keep in mind that you will have to do research and find arguments to support it. Therefore, formulate your statement in the way that you would be able to gather enough information later.