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Term Paper vs Research Paper: Similarities and Differences

Research paper content and term paper content are often used interchangeably. Though similar, both have some differences. Therefore, you need to know the difference between both. It will help you understand how to produce the content your instructor expects of you. Below are some points to help you distinguish a research paper and term paper and also to know the difference between both.

Term Assignment

In an academic setting, a term paper is a major writing assignment that shows a student's understanding of a particular subject matter. A term paper contains an introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography. A thesis statement which we can also call the principal idea is provided along with the supporting points in subsequent paragraphs. The paper is called a term assignment because it comes at the end of a term. It includes what you have learnt and further findings from personal research. The results of your findings will be presented formally with the comprehensive study. You may have a specific word count target, and if you're not restricted to a topic, you may be able to choose a topic of your choice.

Research Paper

This paper contains an abstract, acknowledgment, introduction, research methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and bibliography. Your work must have a substantial amount of other researchers’ findings.

A research paper is a result of in-depth fact-finding carried out on a subject matter with a given structure. It is also a formal presentation that may be as long as a term paper or longer, depending on the word count requirements. The researcher is given some guidelines or format requirement i.e. APA or MLA format, on how to present his or her findings depending on his area of study.

Tips for Writing Term Paper and Research Paper.

Students are always overwhelmed when it comes to writing either term papers or research papers. Therefore, they want someone to write on their behalf while they pay for the service. Hence, they can decide to buy term papers or research papers online, which will serve as a sample for them to follow. They can as well get ideas from the sample research for their works. Furthermore, they can also work with professional writers at to get the work done. These expert writers offer editing service, proofreading service, formatting and many other services.

Either you are buying term papers or research papers online, or you are working with professional writers, here are a few tips to know before writing a term paper and research paper:

  • Before you choose a topic, ensure you have a vast knowledge about it, and it is a topic of your interest.
  • Use an outline to organize discussion points.
  • Discuss all principal points in paragraphs.
  • Before finalizing your work, write a rough draft to structure your sentences and paragraphs.

Conclusively, the difference between term papers and research papers is best known when the essays are assigned. Term papers always come up at the term's end while research papers can be assigned anytime throughout the course.