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Writing a Research Paper About Choosing College Courses on Medicine

Choosing a college course on medicine is an important step which a student should take seriously as human lives may be at stake. Writing a research paper on choosing a medical college course you will have to discuss all the issues students have to take into account when deciding to engage in medicine.

How to Write a Research Paper About Choosing College Courses on Medicine

  • Choose a narrow topic.
    The narrower the topic of your paper is the higher is the probability that it will be original. Choosing a college course is a complex problem so you can preoccupy yourself with one of its facets. Make for example an overview of the prerequisites for entry to med school or analyze the reasons for which the number of medical applications is growing from year to year.
  • Do thorough research.
    Any scientific study should include at least five sources of information listed on its reference list, so make sure that you don’t limit yourself to just a couple of articles or so. Use the Internet gathering the data, but be aware that many online publications don’t pertain to the reliable sources of information. Give preference to reputable academic resources and databases instead.
  • Make up your thesis statement.
    Any research paper should contain a thesis statement (or the main idea of the work) mentioned in the first two paragraphs. Your thesis may sound like this: “Family and environment are the most important factors that define the choice of a college course. It’s especially true for medical courses.” Your thesis should not only state facts but also include your commenting on them.
  • Make an outline.
    An outline is meant to help you be consistent throughout the writing stage. Just make a list of what you are going to discuss in your study and keep it before your eyes when putting the paper down.
  • Write the paper.
    Just start writing, not necessarily from the beginning. Don’t worry too much about mistakes or inconsistencies. You will have to revise and proofread your paper later.

What Points You May Highlight in Your Research Paper

There are a lot of factors that influence applicants’ course choices. Unfortunately, having a passion for the future profession is not always at the top of the list. Point out to the reader that there is nothing worse than learning a profession which you actually don’t like.

Listening to bad advice is another problem. Some parents or guidance teachers believe that they know what is the best for you. Putting you under pressure, they make you stop listening to your instincts and follow the direction indicated by them. It’s utterly wrong to choose a medicine course if you feel that law or engineering is your vocation.

Making a too narrow course choice is a mistake, as a more general course will allow you to train for a new profession later.